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Robot Launch 2014 – First Round Favorites

We had a some amazing entries in Robot Launch 2014 across a wide range of fields, and not all of our favorites made it through to the Top 30. So we’d like to share

Robot Launch 2014 – announcing the Top 30

Are you ready to find out the semifinalists in our first Robot Launch global startup competition for robotics? With 76 applications from 19 different countries, and entries covering industrial, service and consumer robotics, it’s

Last days to enter Robot Launch 2014

  Robot Launch 2014 is the first global online startup competition for robotics, and as the deadline for first round entrants approaches [March 30 11pm PDT] we’re excited to see just where in the world

From imagination to product – crowdfunding your startup

The rise of online crowdfunding platforms over the last decade has  created a whole new pathway for some robot startups. In the process, crowdfunding campaigns have helped to catapult hardware and robots into the

Loving your #startup to death

Some thoughts on Robot Launch 2014 and why startups should enter: The world may be a harsh critic, but most good ideas die because they are given too much love. You’re probably loving your

Wise birds enter Robot Launch 2014 early

We were really excited to see so many entries in Robot Launch 2014 in just the first days. What most people don’t realize is that you can enter the startup competition immediately but still

Robot Launch 2014 – first global startup competition for robotics

Move over software, it’s time for robot startups to take center stage. Robotics is no longer science fiction. The robot you’ll buy for your home tomorrow may be a startup in someone’s garage or

Drones Social Innovation Award launches

The Drone Social Innovation Award is a new initiative of the rapidly growing Drone User Group Network (DUGN). With over 3000 members across North America, Australia and Europe, DUGN is the largest community in the world

Flying Donkey Challenge – entries close February 28

Will we see flying donkeys racing around Mount Kenya with 20 kilo payloads in 2020? The dream of lifting Africa will come one step closer when the 2014 preliminary “Flying Donkey Challenge” takes place

Doggone it, there are no exciting consumer robots

If CES shows us anything it’s that consumer robots aren’t exciting, they’re appliances. But it’s exciting that we have a growing field of consumer robots, smart devices and appliances. According to the IFR, the