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Consumer robotics hots up with Bosch funding Rotimatic

First it was robot vacuum cleaners, now it seems to be robot kitchen appliances, proving that robots are back in the popular imagination as household helpers. The Rotimatic is a ‘robotic’ flatbread maker from Zimplistic, who

Siemens funds new Industrial Robotics Award in Robot Launch startup competition

  Siemens has joined the Robot Launch as a sponsor, offering an impressive “Industrial Robotics Award” consisting of access to the Siemens Frontier Partner program, which provides mentorship and industry leading commercial software. It’s hard to put a

A year since Robot Launch – Leka (2014 Grand Winner)

At Leka, our mission is to help exceptional children live exceptional lives. Our first product, Moti, a small spherical autonomous a smart toy to help take care of children with special needs. Being a robot,

Forget Google and unicorns, Asian dragons are going to dominate robotics

SoftBank, FoxConn and Alibaba have today cemented a strong robotics initiative. Having acquired a majority stake in Aldebaran in 2012, just after the Amazon acquisition of Kiva, SoftBank’s interest in robots has been cause

Fetch and SRI show that useful humanoids are on the horizon

*updated* SoftBank today announced a $236 million investment into their robotics division by Alibaba and FoxConn for marketing and distribution, including Pepper and Fetch robots.  Fetch Robotics has just announced a $20 million Series

Great prizes for Robot Launch startups

  Robot Launch 2015 is bringing together a great pool of prizes and services for robot startups. All startups in the semis or finals are eligible for awards as we search for offers such as “Crowd Pleaser”

DARPA live action via @svrobo

I’ve been live tweeting all the action from the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2015. It’s been exciting and definitely not like watching paint dry this time. It’s amazing how far and how fast the

Robot Launch global startup competition opens June 1st

CALL FOR STARTUPS OPENS JUNE 1st 2015 (6am PST) Silicon Valley Robotics and Robohub are looking for robotics startups with innovative technologies and strong business models. Show us your prototype! Sell us on your vision! We are

Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator announces first startups

The new Techstar powered Qualcomm Robotics Accelerator announced their first intake of 10 startups today. Startups receive $120k funding and participate in a 16 week program in San Diego where they have access to

Ex Machina: When Turing meets Bechdel test

Alex Garland’s first feature film as a director, Ex Machina, had its US debut at SxSW on March 14. This stylish idea film explores the Turing Test in a very Pinteresque fashion as a