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We’re Eonify

Every startup has a dream and that dream is to become successful in the market place they are going after. In order to achieve such success, entrepreneurs need to connect to as many people and organizations that will help them along the way. This connectivity happens in such a slow pace. Entrepreneurs must go to networking events, market their company and products in conferences, call individuals on a one on one manner to determine if there is anything they can do collaboratively, and most of all, this “connectivity” process happens in all startups.

Our mission is to help each startup and entrepreneur fast track this connectivity challenge through our virtual accelerator network. We will provide you with high quality connections that will help your organization whether you want to raise funds to grow your business, innovate, develop your products, market your services, obtain a domain expert mentor, and/or work with a client for a proof of concept project. We are your advocate that will help you tell your story and succeed.

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