Australian Centre for Robotic Vision

Bringing together Australia’s top researchers in computer vision and robotics to lead the world in robotic vision research. Robotic vision is the key enabling technology that will allow robotics to transform labour-intensive industries, disrupt stagnant markets, and ensure robots become a ubiquitous feature of the modern world.

We are an unincorporated collaborative venture with funding of $25.6m over seven years to pursue an ambitious research agenda tackling the critical and complex challenge of applying robotics in the real world. To create the Centre we have assembled an interdisciplinary research team from four leading Australian research universities Queensland University of Technology (QUT), The University of Adelaide (UoA), The Australian National University (ANU), and Monash University as well as NICTA (previously known as National ICT Australia Ltd), and overseas universities and research organisations including INRIA Rennes Bretagne, Georgia Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and the University of Oxford.

We create and nurture the next generation of research talent — training those who are just beginning a research career, and embedding research and innovative talent within industry. We aim to help secure the future of our economy and build sustainable partnerships across the research sector and public and private enterprises.

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