ECHORD++ – Robotics Innovation Facilities

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Robotics Innovation Facilities (RIFs) as part of the project ECHORD++ offer access to high-tech robotic equipment and expertise, the RIFs are open labs which provide state-of-the-art robotic hardware and software, as well as scientific and technical support. Anticipating market trends, the RIFs cover a wide range of application areas including agriculture, healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing.

The facilities offer their users the possibility to improve processes, to investigate new products and services and to improve personal skills. RIF users can try out new technology ideas and explore new, smart solutions.
Every company, institution, research organisation, etc. is eligible for a RIF engagement. Users can come from all areas, no matter how “unexposed” to robotics they were before.

An outstanding fact is that benefiting from the RIF comes at zero risk: up to six weeks a RIF engagement is not only free of charge, the RIFs also safeguard your intellectual property. The physical facilities are located at three of the ECHORD++ core consortium members’ premises in the United Kingdom, France and Italy. Applying for a stay at the RIFs is easy and non-bureaucratic.

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