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Designing Good Robots

Designing Good Robots Forget the ‘3 Laws of Robotics’! There are five major problems with bad robots, and there are 5 design guidelines for building good robots that answer all our ethical concerns. Based on latest research and real world deployments!

How Perception Enables Robotics 2.0

How Perception Enables Robotics 2.0 We’ve entered at Cambrian Explosion in robotics technologies, with exponential expansion in the array of new companies. Just like in the biological Cambrian period, the development of visual perception has powered this growth in robotics. We call it the transition from Robotics 1.0 to Robotics 2.0. What does this mean …

Robots and Jobs – Reality

Thanks to Hollywood, it’s easy to fear our mechanical robot replacements. However, there is no agreement among analysts and academics as to the real impact of current technological revolutions. Let’s separate robots, from AI, automation and computerization and place each technology in the global economic environment. The only problem is how slowly we are making …

Robots and our Global Challenges

Robots and our Global Challenges: From colonizing the solar system to feeding the world, how will robotics technologies help us solve our Global Challenges? Let’s look at the front lines of our emerging new technologies, particularly sensors, robotics and AI. Interested in this topic?