Global Cloud Robotics Hackathon Info

Dear Robotic Hacker,

We thank you for registering for the first Cloud Robotics Hackathon, being held on March 2nd to March 4th 2012 at multiple locations worldwide. Please read the following e-mail carefully.


You must bring:

  • Laptop (or desktop if you want to kick it old school) with WiFi access and (ideally) Bluetooth. Don’t forget your charger!
  • Smartphone (if you have one and plan to use it) with its USB connector.
  • Extension cord or a power bar.
You can bring:

  • A pillow, lucky chair, or anything that will help you hack in a comfortable way.
  • Tools, including hot glue gun, (sonic) screw driver, scissors, knife, and wire stripper.
  • Materials such as cardboard, Popsicle sticks, wires, or flux capacitors.
In short, please make sure you have everything you need for a happy hacking weekend.Please check the scehdule here: Teams

The event starts on the evening of March 2nd (at 5:30 PM ET) with presentations at the main venue in Montreal. The main goal of that first night is to present the event and allow the hackers to mingle and form teams (if they don’t have one already).

By the end of Friday, all teams participating must have decided their project idea, chosen a team name, and taken a team picture. The teams must register an account at and include their picture, team name (as the user name) and project idea. This account wil l be used throughout the event for hacking and documenting the project. You are also encouraged to use to store your code and other project material. YouTube or Vimeo should be used to store your final video presentation. Remember teams must have ideally 5 members, or four in the worst case.

Teams who have not taken a team photo and finalized a project idea by the end of Friday, are not eligible to participate. The hacking will officially start on Saturday morning.

Only teams which submit a video of their creation and show it using the API by Sunday will be allowed to keep their DFRobotShop Rovers. This ensures that only teams participating in the entire event will receive the robot. Until that time, consider them “on loan”.

During the Event

During the event, participants can communicate using the following Twitter hashtags:

  • #roboticshackathon or #cloudrobot for general communication
  • #cloudrobotSC for Santa Clara, #cloudrobotMTL for Montreal, #cloudrobotSLC for Salt lake city, etc

Also, will feature a live chat and video-conference.

JudgingEach venue will have one semi-finalist team for every 10 teams confirmed as of Friday. For example, if venue 1 has 5 teams, they will have one semi-finalist team. If venue 2 has 23 teams, they will have 3 semi-finalist teams. If a location has only one team, so long as they submit the required documentation on Sunday, they will automatically be counted as semi-finalists.
In hacker terms: # of semifinalists per venue = ceiling(# confirmed teams  / 10)

The semifinalists are chosen by each venue on Sunday. The main judges will review all semi-finalist teams after Sunday and the top three teams will be announced on the official website and an announcement will be sent by e-mail to all participants. See more information about judging and prices at (coming soon).

We thank all the volunteers at each venue for their hard work and look forward to seeing you there. Please contact your individual venue organizer for the times you should arrive and your assigned tasks.Questions

If you have any questions about your venue, please contact your local organizer. If you have any general questions, please write to

See you in the clouds and happy hacking!

Contact us:
Follow us :!/RoboticsHack 

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**** LOCAL INFORMATION FOR Event: Santa Clara Robotics Hackathon

Parking Information:

Citrix Startup Accelerator
Level 3, 4555 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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