For the past two weeks, Robohub readers have been voting for the “Readers’ Pick” startup from the Robot Launch competition. This week we publish the final 10 videos from our Top 30. During our live final in September (details TBD), we’ll announce the ultimate Robohub Readers Favorites. Each week we’ve been showcasing a different aspect of robotics startups and their business models, from consumer facing robots, to B2B service robotics, to component technologies suitable for use by the robotics industry. Make sure you vote for your favorite – below – by 11:59pm EDT,  1 September and spread the word through social media using #robotlaunch2015.

Who were the round two favorites?

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Now get voting for round three!
Artiminds Programming Suite | germany (@artiminds)
The RPS RoboticsProgrammingSuite is a developer software for generating program code for the execution of complex industrial robot tasks very intuitively and in a semi-automatic manner.

Erle Robotics | spain (@ErleRobotics)
At Erle Robotics we build the next generation of artificial robotic brains for robots and drones based in Linux.

M1 Software Suite | usa (@srtlabs)
The SRT M1 robotics platform provides a software platform to integrate numerous robotic systems through a single user interface. It will allow a client to supervise a team of robotic systems to perform tasks across service sector markets, including custodial, hospitality, food and beverage, and senior care.

Mecademic | canada (@mecademic)
Mecademic designs and manufactures desktop high-accuracy robot arms for research, education, and industrial and laboratory automation.
MIP Robotics | france
Our start up is developing affordable and easy-to-use industrial robots. We focus on SMEs that are not equiped today, because we are convinced that the market will democratized.

Redtree Hydra | france (@redtreerobotics)
Redtree Hydra – the first computer platform that makes it easier, faster and more affordable to design, build, program and scale robots.

Scannable | usa
Our mission is simple, create well built and cost effective scanning LiDAR. Carefully designed for indoor/outdoor environments.
SkyRobotics | usa
We are working on a modular robot building system, used by engineers to very easily build a high performance and cost-effective robot.

The Construct | spain (@_theconstruct_)
The Construct is the Netflix of robotics simulators. A cloud based hub system that gives access to the best robotics simulators of the world through a single web account.

Underwater GPS | france
This project proposes a solution for accurate, low-cost underwater localization. Furthermore, this type of positioning system can contribute to increase the autonomy of underwater vehicles, allowing low cost deployments.




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