What is ROBOT launchpad?

How many robot businesses can we make in one weekend?

JUST ADD ROBOTS to a roomful of entrepreneurs

in search of a WINNING STARTUP IDEA!

The ROBOT launchpad connects startup and robotics communities. We take the successful startup weekend and boot camp model to launch existing hardware (robots) into new business ideas. As robotics technology becomes more affordable and widespread, the search is on for the next generation of robot businesses – robots that fulfil consumer or small to medium size enterprise needs.

The robots are ready. Are you?

Real Robot

Each ‘robot launchpad’ uses real robots, robot platforms or robot hardware ready for new business models. It’s not about building robots so much as building businesses around them.

One Weekend

We know you’re busy. But youcan pull amazing startup ideas together in 48 hours and still have a blast! We’re also doing shorter intense events like a pitchfest and meetup.

Roomful of Entrepreneurs

Are you business focussed but love robots? Are you a robot geek who wants to learn how startups work? Or are you a developer or designer from the areas of mobile devices, software, web and internet technologies looking for new horizons? We also welcome applications from people with domain knowledge in areas that could benefit from robots (eg. health). We expect strong demand for spaces so there will be an application process.

Winning Startup Idea

Robots and a roomful of entrepreneurs makes for one great weekend – at the end, you make your pitch to industry judges from robotics, startup, investor and venture capital communities.

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