MEGA Startup Weekend – pix & stories

I’m collecting links to videos, pix, stories from MEGA Startup Weekend – with Robots. The MEGA site has some great postscripts by Claire Lee of the Microsoft BizSpark team and Kelly Byrd, the talkTECH PR & Social Media Director.

All the pitches and Q&As are on the Robot Launch Pad youtube channel, thanks to Michael Harries. (UPDATED WITH ALL 05/15/2012)

Douglas Crets, Developer Evangelist at Microsoft BizSpark, has written a great post for Startup America “Profound, Profane and Perfectly Capable” which also links to the Facebook page for photos. Crets also posted “BikiniGate” which lifted the lid on both the worst and the best of ‘startuplandia’, with links to posts from Chris Yeh, investor and one of the judges and Adria Richards, Developer Evangelist for SendGrid.

Yeh’s post describes why MEGA Startup Weekend inspired him to speak out about gender imbalance and how he felt that Mega Startup Weekend was an example of getting gender right, which is rare enough in Silicon Valley to inspire him to comment on an occasion that was inappropriate. Richard’s post explains why that is such a big deal.

Techcocktail has a write up of MEGA… with robots and without. More photos on Flickr. (great photostream from Erica Kawamoto Hsu) And finally, the winners!

  • Robots: “Eyes on Demand” on-demand, remote human assistance for visually impaired people, extending into sensors for augmented senses in future
  • Gaming: “Stinky DaVinci”  art sharing app
  • Mobile: “Predict Gaze”  revolutionizing mobile survey and analytics through gaze tracking on mobile devices
All the winners will be on stage pitching at DEMO2012 today! The conference where innovative technology is launched and $1million is prize for best pitch. See DEMO also for video of the winners pitches at DEMO2012 PLUS photos and videos from Startup Weekend (from Tim Reha)!


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