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Startup Series #5 Rodney Brooks, Steve Cousins & Pioneers Festival

It’s not every day you get to ask pioneering robot startup founders about their journey. The Robolution panel at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna comprised Rodney Brooks from Rethink Robotics and previously iRobot, Steve

Robot Launchpad on Robots Podcast

Robots Podcast is the place to hear the latest well informed news and views on robotics. I’m honored to have been interviewed about Robot Launchpad for the July 13 2012 podcast. Robots is a non-profit

Why Robot Startups Now?

Now is the right time for robot startups. Why? The reasons range from changes within robotics to changes in the broader financial and technological environment. There is a critical mass which we believe has

I/Vs from MEGA Startup Weekend

While Sara Ahmadian was mentoring the robotics track at MEGA Startup Weekend, she managed also to arrange interviews for Venture Cap TV, a weekly vlog on startups. While Venture Cap is based in Montreal,

MEGA Startup Weekend – pix & stories

I’m collecting links to videos, pix, stories from MEGA Startup Weekend – with Robots. The MEGA site has some great postscripts by Claire Lee of the Microsoft BizSpark team and Kelly Byrd, the talkTECH