Do you like getting robots in the mail?

I’m a sucker for cool crowdfunded robots like some of these ones. But this can also be serious research for your startup. Crowdfunding is a great way to extend your prototyping time, build a community or get your preorders for the first manufacturing run.

However, successful campaigns require a lot of energy, a clear story and you have to leverage all the contact networks you can. Getting picked up by the media is unlikely. Approx 50% of crowdfunding campaigns don’t reach their goals.

Do the research and see that for every Bartendro there’s a Foldimate (or 4). The average fund on crowdfund sites is <$20,000 not $1m. Here’s a current selection from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Also, one of these projects is simultaneously on both sites. Guess which! And in case the widgets get stripped out of the post here are the links.

Linkbot | Hex Humanoid | Da Vinci Ornithopter | RiPPle | RK-1 | BrickPi | Foldimate | VINEC1 | Robot Adam Z1SmartMow |


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