Enter ARM’s new “Autonomous Robot Challenge” and win cool stuff

ARM has just launched a new robotics competition on Hackster.io “The Autonomous Robot Challenge”. Registration is now open and entries will close on Sept 30 but if you get in early you might receive free hardware to help… Read More

Call for entries – World Robot Summit 2018 – Japan

Entries are now open for the world’s newest robotics expo and competition, with prize money of around $1 million USD or more than $100 million yen. The World Robot Summit (WRS) 2018 will be held as a preliminary and qualifying event for… Read More

What my Tech Startup Learned Delivering Aid in Puerto Rico

Contributor: Joel Ifill is the founder of DASH Systems. Drone enthusiast and package thrower. He resides in Los Angeles and may be reached by e-mail or twitter   Deliveries into Utudao October 2017 After landfall of Hurricane Maria I kept myself updated about… Read More

Catalia Health uses social robots for health

Catalia Health is leading the surge in social robotics, with Mabu, their patient care management system. Catalia Health likes to be seen primarily as a health company that utilizes robots, rather than a robotics company. This focus on… Read More

Robotics has its first unicorn – small SF startup Cruise Automation

Forget about Google and Boston Dynamics. This week the real news is that GM acquired small San Francisco based startup Cruise Automation for a rumored “north of $1 billion”, according to Fortune. Robotics has its first unicorn! For the last 3… Read More

Siemens funds new Industrial Robotics Award in Robot Launch startup competition

  Siemens has joined the Robot Launch as a sponsor, offering an impressive “Industrial Robotics Award” consisting of access to the Siemens Frontier Partner program, which provides mentorship and industry leading commercial software. It’s hard to put a dollar value on… Read More

DARPA live action via @svrobo

I’ve been live tweeting all the action from the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2015. It’s been exciting and definitely not like watching paint dry this time. It’s amazing how far and how fast the Grand Challenge has pushed… Read More

Ex Machina: When Turing meets Bechdel test

Alex Garland’s first feature film as a director, Ex Machina, had its US debut at SxSW on March 14. This stylish idea film explores the Turing Test in a very Pinteresque fashion as a young coder falls in… Read More

Qualcomm to power high school robotics with Snapdragon

On March 11, FIRST® announced that its worldwide high school robotics competition, FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC®), will be using the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor as the platform for its robot and driver station controls. Moving to a communication and control system based on Android… Read More