How will robots & AI change our way of life in 2030?

At #WebSummit 2017, I was part of a panel on what the future will bring in 2030 with John Vickers from Blue Abyss, Jacques Van den Broek from Randstad and Stewart Rogers from Venture Beat. John talked about… Read More

When being a woman in robotics gives you the edge

Robotics isn’t gender neutral, it’s gender blind. And that means that there are a lot of hidden opportunities for savvy investors and entrepreneurs. One of the first robotics companies I followed was Restoration Robotics, a Silicon Valley based… Read More

Looking towards service robots in 2017

Sophisticated household robots are only just starting to show up in our lives, but all the building blocks for a veritable “Cambrian explosion” of robotics are there, as Gill Pratt described it when he was running the recent… Read More

Consumer robotics hots up with Bosch funding Rotimatic

First it was robot vacuum cleaners, now it seems to be robot kitchen appliances, proving that robots are back in the popular imagination as household helpers. The Rotimatic is a ‘robotic’ flatbread maker from Zimplistic, who have just completed a Series… Read More

Forget Google and unicorns, Asian dragons are going to dominate robotics

SoftBank, FoxConn and Alibaba have today cemented a strong robotics initiative. Having acquired a majority stake in Aldebaran in 2012, just after the Amazon acquisition of Kiva, SoftBank’s interest in robots has been cause for confusion. Do they… Read More

Fetch and SRI show that useful humanoids are on the horizon

*updated* SoftBank today announced a $236 million investment into their robotics division by Alibaba and FoxConn for marketing and distribution, including Pepper and Fetch robots.  Fetch Robotics has just announced a $20 million Series A round lead by… Read More

DARPA live action via @svrobo

I’ve been live tweeting all the action from the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2015. It’s been exciting and definitely not like watching paint dry this time. It’s amazing how far and how fast the Grand Challenge has pushed… Read More

Women in Robotics

To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day, I started publishing a list of 25 amazing women in robotics, covering a whole range of areas from research to business. The first list came out last year (2013) and now here is… Read More

A call for debate on robot policy

The 1953 New Yorker cartoon that started the “Take me to your leader” meme showed two aliens newly arrived on earth asking a donkey to, effectively, give them policy guidance. This is exactly what our ‘brave new’ human-robot… Read More