Snapshot of US UAV situation

The impact on businesses of the ongoing US ban on commercial UAV operation can be seen in a snapshot of this week’s drone news. Drones are very affordable these days, and there is nothing to stop anyone purchasing… Read More

Game of drones – extreme sports photography

“Yet another ‘follow me’ drone’ says Chris Anderson – after three projects launched this weekend, including his own 3DRobotics’ open source ‘follow me’ feature for android. Extreme sports photography is the most popular application of consumer drones and… Read More

Global trends in robotics from patent analysis

120,000 robotics patents have been published in the last 10 years, tripling in rate from 2004 to 2013, according to the UK Intellectual Property Office Informatics Team. Unsurprisingly, there was a huge drop in robotics patent applications in 2009-2010,… Read More

From imagination to product – crowdfunding your startup

The rise of online crowdfunding platforms over the last decade has  created a whole new pathway for some robot startups. In the process, crowdfunding campaigns have helped to catapult hardware and robots into the public eye, captivating our… Read More

Loving your #startup to death

Some thoughts on Robot Launch 2014 and why startups should enter: The world may be a harsh critic, but most good ideas die because they are given too much love. You’re probably loving your startup or project to… Read More

Doggone it, there are no exciting consumer robots

If CES shows us anything it’s that consumer robots aren’t exciting, they’re appliances. But it’s exciting that we have a growing field of consumer robots, smart devices and appliances. According to the IFR, the International Federation of Robotics,… Read More

More robots or roboticists for Google with Nest acquisition?

At least, Google is certainly getting more roboticists with the Nest acquisition that was announced today, even if smart consumer appliances are just barely on the robotics spectrum. Alongside Google’s recent acquisition of eight robotics companies, there has… Read More

Food delivery drones. But is it a business?

Food drone delivery ideas are taking off all over the place. But is it a business or just an advertizing stunt? Tacocopter was one of the first although still more of a theory than a practice. Stanford Robotics Club… Read More

Robots: the “ables” of the next technology trend

The report is out – there should be rejoicing up and down robot street! Why? Because one of the tech industry’s most respected analysts is being very bullish about robots as the next technology trend. These are the… Read More